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Brand Summit -2020


※Brand Summit Autumnと統合し、Brand Summit 2020 として開催します


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Attendee Application


  • Brand Advertisers

    The application is now closed!
    ■Attendee Fee: Complimentary for qualified Brands
    ・This application is for brand advertisers (above manager only), who belongs to departments which oversees the marketing and communication activities of the company. (i.e. ad publishing including mass media)
    ・If you qualify and are invited to this event, you are required to participate in all official programs including networking parties.
    ・Pre-screening will be conducted based on the contents you have registered through the application form.
    ・For qualified brand advertisers, meals and accommodation during the official programs including the networking party is complimentary. However, please bear your round-trip transportation fee to the venue at your own expense.
    ・Please note that you cannot cancel or change the participant once you qualify as an invited brand advertiser.Please check the cancellation provision on the application form and contact the show office in case any cancellation needs occur.
  • Sponsor

    ■Summit Pass :250,000yen~
    ・This application is for advertising agencies, consulting companies, solution providers, various media companies, etc.
    ・Discussion with the other participants is one of the major contents during this event. To enhance the quality of the conference, please do not participate for business card exchanging purpose only (we may contact you beforehand for some pre-screening).
    ・Please bear your round-trip transportation fee to the venue at your own expense.

Sponsorship Application


Event Outline


Event Name
Brand Summit Spring
Number of Attendees
300 ppl
March 4th (Wed) -6th (Fri), 2020