2019 September17th-20th in SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima


Our company name "Open 8" represents our vision and commitment to always be innovative "going from zero (0) to infinity (∞) ", to embrace new challenges and to create infinite new possibilities. There are still huge business opportunities available across the Internet, but we find a lot of the focus is within already mature sectors and business models. This is not conducive to true entrepreneurism and innovative market creation. Our video ads business for smart devices, is new and an example of market creation. It’s our ambition to be no.1 in this new business sector and of course, continuously challenge in other new possibilities. Wherever our search for innovation takes us, our users always come first. We are constantly asking ourselves, how do our users think and feel about the services we offer. We are committed to continuously provide easy access to information and give our users experiences that move them, that’s our mission.