2019 September17th-20th in SHIROYAMA HOTEL kagoshima

How to get your brand chosen: the science and business of choice

Opening Keynote 16:45

Session summary

Whatever your marketing or behavioral objective, you’ll be far more successful if you know how humans choose. The human intuitions and cognitive mechanisms that drive our choices have evolved over millions of years, but only in the last few decades have scientists started to understand them, and in the past few years have marketing practitioners started to use this understanding. Drawing from his award winning book, The Business of Choice, Matthew Willcox will show you how to apply new scientific insights to make your brand or behavior the easiest, most instinctive choice. In this talk, Matthew Willcox integrates recent academic research with his own extensive enterprise marketing experience, and case studies from around the world. Using insights into human nature, he will explain why we humans often seem irrational, how marketers can leverage the same evolutionary factors that helped humans prosper as a species. He will talk about the importance of making choices simpler for your consumers, and how to make people feel good about their choice to choose your brand.