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Daisuke Otobe

Coup Marketing Company Inc.
Started career at P&G Marketing working on Ariel, Febreze, Pampers, etc. In 17 years of service, also worked for a project to drive “Innovation projects” at central team in US HQ. After coming back to Japan, led and built Marketing and Branding organization at Danone Japan (Head of Marketing), Unilever Japan (VP, Marketing), Nissan (Head of Product Marketing) and Shiseido Japan (CMO), which are firms with multiple Brands and various cultural background.

In 2018, established a firm to provide “CMO sharing” service, such as 1) develop Brand/Marketing strategy, 2) guide Innovations and Market Development, 3) build Marketing Orchestration and 4) structure/improve Marketing and Branding Organization.

Author of “Why Strategies Make a Difference” about Marketing Strategy, and “Marketing Professional’s Points of View” about Marketing and Branding.

Director of Japan Marketing Academy

Session:Supercharge your marketing - どのスーパーチャージャーを搭載するか?