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What is Commerce Summit?

Meet with various leaders to create and think about the “Continued Growth of the Japanese Commerce”

Leaders from the retail, distribution, mail/online shopping and supporting industries gather to discuss and find methods to make the Japanese commerce active for continued growth.
Setting themes for from a long-term management perspective, we create our programs to review our theme from last year, report results created at our summits, and keep up with industry trends and changes.
Our Commerce Summit does not only introduce tools and trend words but also assist you in creating a vision to grow for the entire industry.

Commerce SummitThis year's theme

Back to Basic
- Prioritize what to inherit to create experiences from the customer's perspective
Nowadays, designing customer experience focusing on digital is getting common. In the last few years, many D to C (Direct to Consumer) start-ups got noticed. Also, many retails and distribution that have successfully implemented digital in their organization crossed their store network and technology to achieve success.
From no on, companies need to implement these commercial distribution to provide customers with digital shopping experience without being swallowed by giant platformers.
How should we evolve after this turning point in which the social value of “Commercial” and emergency corporate attitude attracts great attention from the public? We need to go back to basic – decide the points that excel and need to be inherited to discover new guidelines to adapt for the next era.

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  • Seller(Commerce Agencies)

    ■Attendee Fee: Complimentary for qualified Brands
    ・There will be advance screening to qualify for the complimentary invitation.
  • Partner

    ■Attendee Fee: 200,000JPY
    ・Regular application for attendees who are not a "Brand".
    ・There will be advance screening to qualify as an attendee.

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Event Name
Commerce Summit
2020 November 18th - 20th
200 ppl only