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Akihito Nakamachi

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune
Attorney at law / Partner
Akihito ("Aki") Nakamachi is a fully bilingual and bicultural attorney, fully admitted to practice in Japan, New York and California. Aki has the rare distinction among Japanese lawyers of having served as a partner both in the United States and in Japan, and possesses over 20 years of solid experience as a practicing lawyer. He has special expertise in intellectual property/technology transactions for technology-driven clients, ranging from young start-ups to fully-matured global enterprises. Aki represents clients operating in a wide range of industries, including software, Internet, e-commerce, computer gaming, computer equipment, telecommunications, automobile, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, biotech and medical devices. With over 10 years of work experience at first-tier national U.S. law firms across the United States, Aki has acquired exceptionally deep and practical knowledge of not only the laws but also the “business culture” of both the United States and Japan, and utilizes his expertise to assist clients in achieving successful outcomes in cross-border commercial transactions and dispute resolution matters.