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Ryota Izawa

Ryota Izawa started a company from developing app for smartphones in 2010. After experiencing transfer of the business in 2012, he started manufacturing IoT electric devices. In 2016, he made a business partnership with a major telecom company “NTT docomo” and created “3 9Meister” ,which helps people/company to make hardwares and accelerates their businesses. He also collaborates with "Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan"(ITRI), which have been accelerating his developments of IoT devices now on. In 2017, he created a subsidiary with a major media company in Japan, which focuses on Robotics. One of his original products called “ZUKKU” is a small robot with AI. It recognizes people based on age, sex, expression, and gaze with its embedded camera and displays movies + images based on the information it gathers.