• sugawara
    Kenichi Sugawara

    ScaleOut Inc.

    In January 2013, Sugawara joined ScaleOut Inc. where he assumed the role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). ScaleOut provides the integration of DSP, DMP, third party ad serving, and tag management for a complete advertising platform. He is responsible for the development and the marketing of advertising services. Sugawara is in charge of promoting the advancement of the company’s ad technology and marketing.Sugawara has participated in countless overseas ad technology events and is very knowledge with the ad technology business. He is actively publishing literature and giving lectures in order to educate people on the digitalization of marketing. He has authored a number of books, including,"The Adtechnology" “Introducing DSP / RTB Audience Targeting” that looks at the realization of the advertising revolution f rom “advertisements” to “people”, as well as, “Introducing DMP: a data management platform to get to know customers".