• mike_honma
    Mike Homma

    Kao Corporation
    Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

    I joined the Kao Corporation in 1992, where I worked in the company’s laboratory until 1996. In my

    position at the lab, I was engaged in numerical simulation on a Unix machine and a Cray

    supercomputer. In addition, during the course of my service as a machine administrator, I encountered

    a field of Web servers and become a pioneer who set up the first Web server in the Kao Corporation.

    I left the laboratory in 1997 in order to get more involved in Web businesses, and in 1999, I established

    a division of Kao dedicated to Web businesses. Currently I serve as a leader of a Web communication

    technical group, in charge of Kao’s production site. I am also responsible for the planning and proposal

    of new Web communications programs, as well as deployment of these to overseas locations.

    I graduated of Hokkaido University (Master of Mathematics) and am a member of the Mathematical

    Society of Japan.

    The Chair Man of Japan Web Advertising Bureau.

    Guest Professor of Graduate School of Mathematical Science, The University Of Tokyo

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rupurupu